About Coding Array
Coding Array is an edu-tech startup that develops and produces open-source hardware and educational resources for makers and learners. Our company is founded on community and support for open-source applications.

In 2008, we established an online community for open-source hardware applications in South Korea, and since then, we have supported open-source applications and public utilities through our own research, development, and production.

In 2016, we officially launched Coding Array as an edu-tech startup with a mission to make learning about technology and coding accessible and engaging for everyone. Our products include the Coding Array Starter Kit for Arduino, which includes all the necessary components for makers and learners to get started with coding and building their own projects.

We are proud to say that we have registered patents related to easy-to-learn coding arrays in Korea, and we have also registered the "Coding Array" trademark rights in the United States, China, EU, and Madrid.

Our goal is to empower learners and makers to turn their ideas into reality with the help of open-source hardware and educational resources. Join us and become part of the Coding Array community today!

Sales Channel

Our company plans to expand and sell globally starting with the United States mainly through the Amazon FBA network.

Customer Service

We make our utmost efforts to meet customers' expectations quickly, accurately and kindly. Furthermore, we pursue common values with our customers. You can always contact us through we@codingarray.cc. We look forward to hear from you. Any feedback will be of value to us.

‘Coding Array Kits’ is designed for learning coding easily and conveniently for all users regardless of the level of technical skills or knowledge in coding,
It is a result of rigorous performance tests during our Closed Beta prior to the product launch.

Innovative products that improve technical difficulties experienced by existing users
“Let’s get started with Coding Array Kit”

Coding Array
Our Core Values

Honesty and Trust

We comply with the individual commitment as well as policies and regulations of company, we always value and cherish our co-workers that more than individuals as a team and family.
We respect the value of our employees and we do best to support them to grow up together.


We respect others without any prejudice or discrimination, and we adhere to an open policy for honest communication.We actively encourage free and positive communication environment.

The Realization of a Dream

We make our utmost efforts to meet customers expectations quickly, accurately and kindly, also  enable innovation with customer’s needs and hope.
Furthermore, we pursue common values with our customers.


Go through your passion from the beginning to the end, show them you are better than anyone else.

Quality innovation

We aim to be able to produce more creative work with autonomy and desire for advanced work innovation.
Through continuous new product testing and process improvement, we create new innovations.


We grow up with business partners as a team.

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‌Coding Array posture


Treat others with the right thoughts, preserve own dignity and refinement at all times.


Serve others with respect first,
always have a grateful heart.


A healthy mind in a healthy body.

‌Head office

#sgi093ho, 602, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
+82 2 1522 6224
+82 70 5223 1299

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