Beginning of easy coding
The Coding Array Kit, launched in 2019, helps you get started coding quickly without worrying about physical connections.
Students using the Coding Array Kit are able to focus on coding.
It brings them a chance to do more computational thinking.

‌Coding Array

Easier, Faster, Simpler

Designed for both Educators and Learners
All necessary Modules are well arranged in Analogue Wing on the left, Digital Wing on the right and Coding Array Microcontroller-Atmega328 (Arduino UNO-Compatible) in the middle of the board. It is designed for practical use without any separate circuit configuration.

Before launching a new Coding Array ‌Microcontroller-Atmega328 (Arduino UNO-Compatible) product,
we have received valuable reviews from test users for 2 weeks of Closed Beta Test period.

Communicate & Design for ‌Coding Array Kit
Let’s meet ‌Coding Array Kit that actively reflects on your opinion and feedback.

With ‌Coding Array Kit, you are able to use and control the module while Sketch
File is being uploaded. Moreover, you may detach the module for the project after learning.

The least configuration for the best possible use.

Coding Array Kit x 1EA

Coding Array Kit CASE 

USB CABLE [50cm] x 1EA

Servo Motors & Components x 1EA


Paper magnets x 1EA

Stability + Convenience
‌Coding Array Kit product is shipped in a sturdy case with a handle for safe storage and easy-to-carry around.

Coding Array Starter Kit ‌Details


Another Advantage of Coding Array Kit
The additional module configuration (e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi Module, etc.)
on I/O Shield Board is freely available at the flick of Coding Array Kit Board Switches.

Coding Array